Half Korean,Half Italian,
Born in Brazil
March 28, 1991
LIVING in the ATL.
Bio-chemistry Major
I am just a girl with BIG DREAMS

"A dream is nothing but a dream, unless one works towards that dream." ~Luana Oh

Dreaming of Life: Goodbye Kiss ( Nov 19,2012) →


For a short moment I forgot the world existed,

and that mere second it seemed infinite.

Everything stopped moving and every noise ceased.

All I could hear was the sound of your breath.

I could feel your chest rising and falling ever so gently,

I could feel your heartbeat pounding forcefully…


You gave me biophilia. 

Your reality ran the gamut of my very soul.

There is no ersatz that can replace what you made me feel.

I considered myself complete before you,

and now that you swiftly left me in the silence of the night,

I feel that a rudimentary fragmentation of me has evaporates into thin air.

I didn’t break, nor cry, nor gave up hope.

I’m still craving your docile affection,

But I’m living fine without you.

I’m stronger than this.

I felt complete before, and I will feel complete again.



My school notes always turns into random doodles. :) 

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My school notes always turns into random doodles. :) 

The Day After Tomorrow Parody (by NoWaiProducts)

Psychology project :D 

Tomorrow Unknown…

Tomorrow is a great unknown.

The variables though meticulously calculated, can NOT provide the exact outcome of what tomorrow holds. They all say tomorrow is a reflection of today and I agree with this. But is it a accurate reflection? Or does luck have a play with most of what tomorrow becomes? Who controls it, who changes it,who decides? Those are questions I ask myself multiple times a day. For example: You work hard in school and do what you’re suppose to do, therefore you will have a successful adult life in the workforce, right? Not always and that is mind boggling to me. While others are drinking and partying non-stop, failing out of classes and not giving minimal attention to their actions and the possibility of negative consequences…it would only make sense if their tomorrow was a complete failure, right? Not always. Maybe something will trigger a complete change overnight.Maybe luck will be on their side. Maybe they will be even more successful than the hard-working ones. I don’t know. I can only hope that all my hard-work pays off in the end. It would only make sense for it to. I can only pray that tomorrow is a reflection of today, because if it is…I could not be more excited and pleased. But the fact is, tomorrow is unknown, its a mystery, so I’ll live today and hopefully make the right choices day after day and we shall see how my future turns out.  I believe in it. I can do this. I will do this. I will succede!!! 

Lies upon lies...

  • In third grade: Learn cursive you will use it for the rest of your life
  • Middle School: Write in cursive if you want, but make sure it's readable
  • High School: Please don't write in cursive
  • College: If you do not type it I will not grade your paper