Half Korean,Half Italian,
Born in Brazil
March 28, 1991
LIVING in the ATL.
Bio-chemistry Major
I am just a girl with BIG DREAMS

"A dream is nothing but a dream, unless one works towards that dream." ~Luana Oh

Isn’t it funny how happiness can be associated with that certain someone?! Isn’t it ridiculous how sometime ago in your life they were a complete stranger and now thoughts of them engulf your mind? Isn’t it terrifying that they can just walk away and leave you empty handed, alone, and longing for more? Isn’t it mind blowing that when they walk away, they will take all the happiness with them and leave you with memories and scenes you make up in your head…isn’t it grand?!

Days passes by and I can sense the distance between us growing. You say you love me, why isn’t it showing? I seem to give you my all, am I being just annoying? Because tell me how you feel, I’ll back off, just let me know how you’re feeling, because I’m tired of dealing with the constant thoughts overflowing my mind. Yes, I over think things, that will be my end. I just want to be prepared for any future heartbreak. I don’t want to feel that ache. So I rather overanalyze things, and that’s my mistake.

The truth is that I didn’t forget you…I still remember absolutely everything:Every sweet word,every beautiful and sincere smile, and every single breath you took away from me. I remember it all, but I learned that I must leave you in my past, considering I’m already a part of yours. </3 ~Luana Oh

Here goes another 11:11 wish wasted on you…

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My heart aches for you…

  • I pushed you away as much as I possibly could.
  • You seemed to like that game, so you played it and you were good.
  • You made the highwalls I built up, break down in a blink.
  • I felt like I was drowning, all I could do was sink.
  • Once you were in, you decided to stay.
  • But you stayed too little and soon went away.
  • But I guess you accomplished what you came to do.
  •  Thanks to you,love is my very own idea of taboo. 

When someone that follows you reblogs the same post as you but from someone else


Oh I see, mine wasn’t good enough for you?

all. the. time.

Story of my everyday LIFE! </3

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Correction: I will never forget you, right?

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Correction: I will never forget you, right?

Why can’t I close my eyes and sleep? That’s what normal people do right?

Fuck, I might be in love with you.


thats just the way it goes

I guess we all go through this?


thats just the way it goes

I guess we all go through this?

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