Half Korean,Half Italian,
Born in Brazil
March 28, 1991
LIVING in the ATL.
Bio-chemistry Major
I am just a girl with BIG DREAMS

"A dream is nothing but a dream, unless one works towards that dream." ~Luana Oh


I slept so much…why am I still so tired?! 0.o

Dreaming of Life: Goodbye Kiss ( Nov 19,2012) →


For a short moment I forgot the world existed,

and that mere second it seemed infinite.

Everything stopped moving and every noise ceased.

All I could hear was the sound of your breath.

I could feel your chest rising and falling ever so gently,

I could feel your heartbeat pounding forcefully…

Is it okay that I feel guilty because I bit his lips too hard when we said goodbye 5 hours ago? I couldn’t even focus on my test…because the look he gave me after our goodbye kiss was hot. It looked as if he wanted more, he needed more, he craved more. But uhm, that test?! Not so great. 


Here I am at the gym…on the treadmill just walking leisurely, warming up little by little.

Considering I pulled upper-hamstring, warming up is very important.

I need to start hitting the gym hard again. I gained a bit of weight this past few weeks and it’s NOT ok. -__-  I want my flat tummy!!!!

Plus my boyfriend is kinda REALLY cute, so it is only fair that I also look semi-okay…at least I have pretty hair. That must make up for something, right!? 


I came to school way earlier than usual to get somethings fixed with financial aid. (:  At 8:15 I came to my booth( and by mine I mean a booth in which my friends and I occupate on a daily basis)

Anyways…my boyfriend was there, looking as sleepy as ever! So freaking adorable with his purple shirt, hat and shoes. You have no idea how much he matches up things. Honestly he can make outfits better than mine. Like everything has a purpose and he plays with color really well. ( I admire that so much in a guy)

But anyways, I told him to go to the library to get his work done…

I kinda wanna go bother him and my bother him, I mean kiss him. Yes,yes…In the library, but I also want him to succeed! AGHHHHHH~!!! What do I do? I mean I’m the one who made him go anyways! haha! Imma go surprise him ;P

WEEEEEEEh! Hopefully he likes it. ;P

Yes group… I just finished our group project. Might I add, you’re welcome for the A! -_-  Next time I’m charging money.

Anonymous: write a poem. No questions. Just do it.

Hazel eyes,

look deep into mine.

Tell me what you see,

Tell me what you hide.


Hazel eyes,

Smoldering my way,

You making me lose my words,

I’m forgetting what to say.


Hazel eyes,

You’re so close to mine,

and strangely, 

I’m perfectly fine.


Hazel eyes,

close your eyes,

lay your lips,

upon mine.

hahah! (: The END! 

Anonymous: Today was such a ugly ass day. How was your day.

I mean… I think my ass looked pretty okay ;) ha!!! The things I say on the “interwebs”  but seriously though. hehe!   Today was pretty AMAZING! It was rainy and all but Mr. Patrick kinda brightened up my day! <—- Honestly though, he keeps saving my days and stuff, it’s kind of strange, but cool. But this whole matching this is getting ridiculously hilarious!!!! I mean we literally match everyday, without even planning. 

But ugh, today, we got to hangout, which was pretty fantastic!!! We chilled on a booth and then went to the library to look for books we didn’t need ;P and then did some homework and I got to handout with Steven, Bilal , Maleak and the accent guy. I ate, while they talked about guns and the presidential election and then the guys started to try to make me feel awkward talking about “dirty” things and such. And boy oh boy am I a prude, and a goody-goody two shoes!!! WOah, girls do a LOT on their first dates, like WTF… how are you going to make love to someone you don’t love? Oh well, my archaical beliefs are archaic. Excuse me for being so redundant here!

ha so When Bilal was leaving he told me to give Patrick a kiss from him ;P Excuses for landing one on him without feeling scared of being rejected because it wasn’t “technically from me”! I know I’m pathetic!!! >.<   But yeah, when he arrived, he gave me a bear hug and kinda pulled me onto his lap, but me being Luana and staying there like I wanted to, I quickly get up and go drink water. -_- I don’t think I’ve ever drank this much water my whole freaking life. BUT at least it’s water! right?! Anyways, I kissed him. I gave him a peck. Unexpected and out of the blue and I could literally have broken his nose! haha and then I said, “Bilal gave it to me, so I could give it to you!” and he makes a confused/slightly angry face and says” Hold up, Bilal kissed…you?, WHAT?” hhahahaha!!! (: Aweeee babe’s jealous! EEEEEK, cute,cute,cute,cute. *Done being THAT girl*  I just giggles and then he gave me that smoldering look that he does and ugh, what was i saying again?!  Pretty much that is what happens. But yeah.

Anyways, we cuddled. CUDDLED. I freaking cuddled. I don’t even like hugging people normally or when people get too close to my face, but there I was, right next to him, giving him little pecks on the cheek, and nose (I know weird, but he was the cutest pointed nose and it’s less intimidating than his lips) ha!! but yep, I kissed them too and then I decided to be a jerk and start pulling away from him every time he would try to kiss me! And then he goes ” I’ll have to tackle you, if you don’t stop!” and tickled me and suddenly my legs were on top of his and his upper body laid upon mine and for a moment everything seemed to stop. He looked deep into my eyes with his hazel green eyes, smiled, and kissed me. WOAH, dude. WOAH. Goosebumps? Yes,yes,yes. Holy Guacamole. I have never felt such thing before.It was like I couldn’t breath, but didn’t really need oxygen because I felt like I had all the oxygen I needed. There were fireworks and intense tingles in my spine. My body felt so tense and rapidly do relaxed. It was as if I could feel every inch of my body being levitated from the booth where we sat. That moment was infinite. After I silently gasped for air, and giggled as I hugged him and went back into our sitting position.Ya’ll I GIGGLED! And when he asked me “What?” … I just smiled. There is no way in heaven, nor earth that I will tell him all of the things I just wrote. I mean, that would scare him away! Eeeeeeeek! 

Vik came over and Patrick asked Vik to take a picture of us! He wanted a picture. CRAZINESS! (: BUT OH SO SWEET. Too bad I woke up super late today and looked ROUGH today. LIKE my face was greasy and not moisturized, if that makes sense at all. BUT it was ok. (: He made it ok. 

 but it’s sad that I probably won’t see him until Monday… </3 ugh, this sucks. <— I’m not being clingy or anything, but 5 days = long ass time. haha especially because I actually miss him. (admitting I actually miss someone is a BIG DEAL for me)

People think we’re cute. I think we’re freaking cute too. ^-^ ha. Oh, geesh what am I turning into?!?!!?!?! 

Anonymous: What is up with the pickup lines, dude?

hahahah!!! (:   I LOVE PICKUP LINES!!!! I MEAN WHO HAS THE GUTS TO SAY THEM ANYWAYS?! BUT AHHHHHHH! They make me laugh. A LOT. I would never take it seriously, but the fact that they exist is pretty darn fantastic!