Half Korean,Half Italian,
Born in Brazil
March 28, 1991
LIVING in the ATL.
Bio-chemistry Major
I am just a girl with BIG DREAMS

"A dream is nothing but a dream, unless one works towards that dream." ~Luana Oh

Sorry anon for taking so long! Extra long because I forgot about this video… from MAY. Ugh, I suck a little ;P anyways, enjoy my awkwardness  I guess.

TMI Tuesday - I’m Down to Answer Anything


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Anonymous: I'd take you to the Hunger Games premiere and make you a cake cuz sweetie I know it's birthday on the 28th. (I'm not being creepy,it says it on your blog) Yeah, that's how i'd seduce you. ;)

HA!!! LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS PLEASE!!!! <3<3<3<3 call me? ;)  Let’s do this for real! Yep, I’m head over heels for you dear anon. You know me oh, so well! :P  

ps: Just don’t call me sweetie/sweet-heart…ever unless you’re over 40 or you’re a teacher…  (that’s be a little strange) 

I’m seduced. 99.9 % ish.

Anonymous: i'm an astronaut & my next mission is to explore uranus!

omgomgomg O_o     not seduced at all, but I’m was highly entertained.  I wonder if any guy or girl would ever use this pickup line…ever. 

Anonymously try to seduce me.



<3 This might be the hardest chalenge you will ever face. :) Do itttttt!!! 

Anonymous: I feel so inadequate. I used to think I was pretty and talented. Now I just feel useless and ugly. I want to do so much. I try my best to help everyone and help out whenever I can. Sometimes I just think it's not fair. It's really not fair.

I completely understand where you’re coming from. I can’t lie and say I have never felt that way. In fact, its stupid how much this describes how I feel about my life 12093810% of the time. :/  And it sucks.   

I will just say what my mom and friends always tell me and I will add some more things that I find revalent. :D

" You’re beautiful and you’re talented. The fact that you don’t see it just means your standards of beauty are too high. The fact that you feel you’re not good enough is because you are good at many things; therefore don’t know exactly what you want to do. You show perseverance and humbleness in the fact that you try to help out whenever you can.  What isn’t fair is that feeling you’re feeling. That feeling should go away. You help out those who need you and that makes you more beautiful than you can imagine. "

You have pureness and beauty in your heart, I just wish it wasn’t crying and hurting. I wish I could make it stop. <3 Feel free to talk to me anytime on anon or not. I admire your strength. 

Anonymous: my honest opinion of you, is you are beautiful and sweet. xoxoxo <3

<3 thank you so much. :D

Anonymous: I bet you're so fucking ugly without a shit ton of makeup (there you go attention seeking bitch, you're first hate ask.

Ouch…… -___- I shall prove you right and post pictures of myself without makeup!!! Haha! :D You win.   Oh and for future reference, when insulting me please use you’re and your correctly…Please?   Thank you.                         

Thank you for messaging me!! :D Even if its hate. You’re feeding an attention seeking monster; therefore both negative and positive attention is welcomed. 

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Reblog if you want an Anon’s honest opinion of you.

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